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If you’re a gaming enthusiast who likes making predictions, you should definitely give the Leviev Mall App a try. This platform is designed with gamers in mind, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at what it offers. Furthermore, if you’re searching for a gaming website that suits your interests, Loot Earning App is an excellent option. It offers Color Prediction Games that allow you to win daily.

In simple terms, these platforms provide you with the opportunity to earn money by accurately predicting the outcome of color-based games. So, if you enjoy testing your predictions and winning cash, these apps are a great choice for you!

Leviev Mall App Download

Are you interested in an easy and rewarding way to earn money? The Wish Mall App has a fantastic promotion that lets you make extra cash effortlessly by telling others about the app. It’s a simple and fun process. Here’s how it works:

Get Your Referral Code: Go to the “My Promotion” section within the Leviev Mall App. There, you’ll find your unique referral code, which is your key to earning money.

Share with Friends: Once you have your referral code, you’re all set. Share it with your friends, family, or anyone who might be interested. You can share it through social media, messaging apps, or in person—just let them know about the Leviev Mall App.

Earn Money: Every time someone uses your referral code to download and join the Leviev Mall App, you’ll start earning money. As they sign up and participate in the app, your earnings will increase.

Leviev Mall App Download Download Now
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How to Register in Leviev Mall App

Click the Register Button: Start by clicking on the Register button provided on the Leviev Mall App Color App platform.

Enter Your Mobile Number: Input your mobile number into the designated field.

Verification Code: You’ll receive a verification code on your mobile number. Enter this code in the appropriate space.

  • Create a Password: Choose a strong password for your account and confirm it by entering it again.
  • Referral Code: Enter the referral code COKPe1069105
  • Verify Your Number: Confirm your mobile number by entering the OTP (One-Time Password) you receive.
  • Click on Register: Finally, click the Register button to complete your registration on Leviev Mall App.

How To Login On Leviev Mall App

Visit the Leviev Mall App login page.
Sign in using your mobile number and the password you’ve created.

How to Promotion Leviev Mall App

Log In: First, log into your Leviev Mall App account using either the mobile app or the website.

  • Visit the “Mine” Section: Once you’re logged in, look for the “Mine” section located at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • Access the “Promotion” Tab: Inside the “Mine” section, you’ll see a tab called “Promotion.” Click on this tab.
  • Find Your Unique Referral Link: Upon entering the “Promotion” tab, you’ll see your special Leviev Mall App Promotion Link displayed. It might look something like this: COKPe1069105
  • Share the Referral Link: Now, it’s time to spread the word! Share your Leviev Mall App Download Referral Link with your friends. This link is your ticket to earning commissions.
  • Invite Friends: When your friends use the Referral Link you’ve shared to sign up and become part of the Leviev Mall App, you’ll start earning commissions.

That’s the whole process! Just by inviting your friends to join through your Referral Link, you’ll be on your way to receiving commissions. It’s as straightforward as that. So, get started, share your link, and watch those commissions come in as your friends join the Leviev Mall App journey. Happy sharing and earning!

How to Add Money/Recharge to Leviev Mall App

Open the Leviev Mall App and click on “Add Cash.”

Choose the amount you want to deposit, especially if it’s your first time.
Complete the payment using one of the payment options provided.
Once the transaction is done, the deposited amount will show up in your Leviev Mall App wallet automatically.

100% Winning tricks to earn money from Leviev Mall App

Color Trend Type 1:

  1. If Red or Green keeps appearing in the results, choose the same color that came up previously. For example, if Red was the last result, pick Red again. If Green came up, go with Green again.
  2. This approach works when the trend continues, potentially leading to profits.

Color Trend Type 2:

If the results show different colors and the trend seems uncertain, stick to selecting just one color, either Red or Green, repeatedly.
Each time you choose the next color, use the 3X investment trick (explained below).
You’re likely to win on the 3rd or 4th attempt, which can result in significant profits.

3X Trick (100% Winning):

The 3X Trick involves betting three times the amount you previously wagered if your chosen color doesn’t match the result. This trick is beneficial because it can help cover any previous losses and generate substantial profits if you win.

In simple terms, when Color Trend Type 1 repeats, stick with the same color. If it changes to Color Trend Type 2, stick with one color and use the 3X Trick until you win. This strategy aims to help you recover losses and earn substantial profits.

How to Play Colour Prediction Game

You can opt for a game with different durations like Parity, Spare, Emerd, or Bcone. Longer games provide more thinking time but demand more patience.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Select your favorite number or color.
  2. Decide the amount you want to bet and confirm it.
  3. If the result matches your chosen color or number, you’ll get a bonus. For colors, it’s a bonus of 1.92 times your bet, and for numbers, it’s a bonus of 9 times your bet.

How to Withdraw Money From Leviev Mall App

Add Your Details: To kick things off, add your bank details or UPI details. This way, the app knows where to send your money.

  • Select Amount: Choose the specific amount you wish to withdraw from your Leviev Mall App account.
  • Withdrawal Time: The process takes just 24 hours. Plus, the bank operates daily to make things convenient for you.
  • Click Submit: Once you’ve selected your withdrawal amount, hit the “Submit” button to initiate the process.
  • Credited in 24 Hours: The magic happens! Your money will be credited to your chosen account within the next 24 hours.

Bonus Info: If you’re wondering about the minimum withdrawal amount, it’s as low as Rs. 211. That’s the smallest sum you can take out from your Leviev Mall App account.

Now you’re all set to access your funds in no time. Just follow these easy steps, and your money will be on its way to your bank account or UPI in just a day.

Note: – This game includes an element of financial risk and can be addictive. Please play responsibly and only on your own risk. Avoid adding money that you can’t afford to lose; you are solely responsible for potential losses.

Payment Proof Leviev Mall App

Leviev Mall App offers evidence of earnings. Once you ask for a withdrawal, they promptly transfer your payment to your bank account within 1 hour using IMPS (Immediate Payment Service). You can view the proof of earnings through screenshots that display the withdrawal amount and the amount received, much like the earning proof provided by RXCE.


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